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Mindfulness for teams

Mindfulness for teams, organisations and corporate partners, tailored to your needs.

Mindfulness for teams and organisations


Evidence indicates that mindfulness in the workplace can ...

  • positively impact both mental and emotional health
  • increase stress tolerance
  • improve attention - in terms of stability, control and efficiency
  • expand working memory
  • increase productivity
  • change behaviour eg increasing empathy and compassion
  • affect interpersonal behaviour and relationships
  • boost workplace morale

You may have a workplace gym, but a mind gym?

If a full 8 week course of 2 hours per week plus a practice day seems unrealistic, then how about beginning with a one hour taster session? Coming in January 2018 will be a Mindfulness Essentials course tailored for organisations. This will consist of 5 sessions of one hour over five weeks. (It should be pointed out however that the strong evidence base for the effectiveness of mindfulness rests primarily on 8 week face to face (rather than online) courses).

As someone with extensive experience of working in organisations whether in learning and development or in a number of management roles, you will find me understanding of and responsive to your organisations' needs.


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