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Information about mindfulness courses and classes in Edinburgh, including MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) - 8 week courses, and mindfulness coaching.

Mindfulness course information

There are many varieties of 8 week courses with more being developed all the time. To ensure high quality standards Mindful Edinburgh teach courses which meet the criteria for the UK Network for Mindfulness Based Teacher Training Organisations. Many providers offer courses in 'mindfulness' but without being clear about which form of mindfulness is being offered. Mindful Edinburgh offer four types of 8 week courses. This may be unique in Scotland, and possibly even in the UK.  The most important thing to note is that these courses have much more in common than there are differences so you are welcome to apply for any one you like.

  1. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

  2. Mindfulness Based Living Course

  3. MIndfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression

  4. Mindfulness

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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

MBSR is the 'original' mindfulness 8 week course, developed in the USA by Professor Jon Kabat Zinn and colleagues.  It seems surprisingly rare to find a 'pure' MBSR course which adheres this closely to the MBSR curriculum, at least in the UK. This is probably because most UK courses are effectively a blend of various mindfulness based approaches, including for instance MBCT (mentioned below).

Learning Outcomes

During the course participants explore the following week by week:

  1. The present moment is the only time we ever have right now

  2. How we can perceive and creatively respond

  3. There is pleasure and power in being present in this body

  4. What is stress?

  5. Recovering more rapidly from stress

  6. Mindful interpersonal communication

  7. Taking care of ourselves day by day

  8. Living mindfully beyond the course


Mindfulness Based Living Course

This could be described as one of a dozen or so 'second wave' mindfulness courses popular in the UK, however this is one of the few which meets UK Network criteria. Indeed it is probably the most popular form of 8 week mindfulness course in Scotland as it was developed by (former Professor) Rob Nairn who often visits Scotland when teaching internationally.

Learning Outcomes:

During the course participants explore the following week by week:

  1. Starting where we are and settling the mind

  2. The body as a place to stay present

  3. Mindfulness as a support in responding to events

  4. Working with distraction

  5. Exploring our undercurrents with kindness

  6. Cultivating attitudes

  7. Accepting ourselves with compassion

  8. Living a mindfulness based life


Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression

You may have heard people say that mindfulness is recommended by the NHS. Well this is actually the only form of mindfulness which is - in the NHS National Institute of Clinical Excellence Guidelines. This is because Randomised Controlled Trials have repeatedly demonstrated that this course can be as effective as antidepressants in preventing relapse among people who have experienced two or more episodes of depression during their lifetime. It was developed by three of the world leading experts in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Learning Outcomes:

During the course participants explore the following week by week:

  1. Awareness and Automatic Pilot

  2. Living In Our Heads

  3. Gathering The Scattered Mind

  4. Recognizing Aversion

  5. Allowing/Letting Be

  6. Thoughts Are Not Facts

  7. "How Can I Best Take Care Of Myself?"

  8. Maintaining and Extending New Learning




Yes, simply mindfulness. After all, most other providers simply describe their courses in this one word way. This is a course developed by Mindful Edinburgh which is almost identical to MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction). The three key differences are: firstly that the sessions are 2 hours rather than 2.5 hours; secondly elements of MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy are included); and finally the mindful movement elements of the curriculum incorporate a wider range of movement practices - such as simple stretches derived from Do-In or Chi-Gung, as well as self massage techniques. The facilitator/teacher is a qualified masseur.

Learning Outcomes

These are essentially the same as for the MBSR course above


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Additional Information

Perhaps uniquely in Scotland, Justin (Founder of Mindful Edinburgh) is trained to teach Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindfulness Based Living Courses (MBLC) as well as Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy.

MBSR and MBLC have far more in common than there are differences, but some possible differences are:

  • MBLC has a more explicit focus on self-compassion. This is not to say that MBSR could not be described as compassionate but rather in MBSR the focus is more implicit and instead uses words like gentleness or kindness.

  • MBSR has some 8 formal practices at its' core, whereas MBLC has 15. Therefore the MP3 players contain entirely different recordings even though the essence of these recordings is on the whole very similar.

  • MBLC courses with Mindful Edinburgh use the course handbook developed by the Mindfulness Association. This is almost universally the norm with MBLC courses. MBSR courses with Mindful Edinburgh use a course handbook developed by Mindful Edinburgh. It is universally the norm that providers of MBSR courses develop and provide their own handbook.