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Information about mindfulness courses and classes in Edinburgh, including MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) - 8 week courses, and mindfulness coaching.

Mindfulness course information


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8 week courses - MBSR and MBLC

There are many varieties of 8 week courses with more being developed all the time. To ensure a quality standard Mindful Edinburgh only teach courses which meet the criteria for the UK Network for Mindfulness Based Teacher Training Organisations. Two such courses are Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Living Courses (MBLC). Perhaps uniquely in Scotland, Justin (Founder of Mindful Edinburgh) is trained to teach both approaches, and these approaches are probably the two most popular approaches being taught by providers across Scotland.

Both courses have far more in common than there are differences, but some possible differences are:

  • MBLC has a more explicit focus on self-compassion. This is not to say that MBSR could not be described as compassionate but rather in MBSR the focus is more implicit and instead uses words like gentleness or kindness.
  • MBSR has some 8-10 formal practices at its' core, whereas MBLC has 15. Therefore the MP3 players contain entirely different recordings even though the essence of these recordings is on the whole very similar.
  • MBLC courses with Mindful Edinburgh use the course handbook developed by the Mindfulness Association. This is almost universally the norm with MBLC courses. MBSR courses with Mindful Edinburgh use a course handbook developed by Mindful Edinburgh. It is universally the norm that providers of MBSR courses develop and provide their own handbook.
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