Mindful Edinburgh
mindfulness courses in Edinburgh

Edinburgh mindfulness courses

8 week mindfulness courses in central Edinburgh. An excellent opportunity to develop mindfulness in great locations.

8 week mindfulness courses in Edinburgh city centre

An excellent opportunity to experience and develop mindfulness, in comfortable and easily accessible locations.


To find out more about how mindfulness can benefit a wide range of physical and psychological health issues, including reducing financial, work or relationship stress, or enhancing the performance of everyone from musicians to business leaders, just click here.

For example tests, trials and extensive neuroimaging repeatedly demonstrate how regular mindfulness practice enhances the brain's and body's ability to regulate itself in relation to physical health and emotional wellbeing, and actually leads to measurable changes in the physical structure of the brain as various cognitive functions are enhanced.

To join a course you can apply online via one of the (deposit) links on this page. To simply have a chat about mindfulness, you can text, phone (0777 500 0079) or email (mindfuledinburgh@gmail.com). 

Please note that no attempt whatsoever will be made to 'sell' you a course. 

Mindful Edinburgh 8 week courses include:

  • Free MP3 player with guided audios
  • Free full colour 60 page handbook
  • a practice day
  • a follow-up practice half day
  • an orientation session
  • 8 week course of 2 hours per week
  • all online booking fees

The 8 week course: so what happens?

The course is very practical and suitable for just about anyone. We spend almost all of the 30 hours learning and practicing various mindfulness techniques. We are then able to practice these at home or possibly wherever we happen to be. A course manual is included as is an mp3 player with guided practice recordings.  People tend to say they value 8 week courses immensely and many people return for another one! Some of the themes covered include:

  • Mindfulness as a way of opening up to experience greater health and well being
  • Getting a handle on stress
  • Developing awareness
  • Learning about our individual reactions to stress
  • Being able to respond instead of react
  • Mindful communication for interpersonal fulfilment
  • How can I best look after myself?


So it's 8 weeks?

Well err, more or less. At it's core it is actually 9 weeks of 2 hours per week. There is an additional practice day (10am-4pm) usually held between weeks 6 and 7 eg on a Saturday. Included in the 9 weeks is a taster or orientation session. The orientation session allows people to find out more about the course and experience some of the elements. People may decide at the orientation session that now is not the time for the course, in which case any monies paid in advance can be fully refunded. Numbers are limited to 10-12 participants.

If you need to miss any sessions, then you will still be able to practice at home and you can meet with the facilitator just before the next session to catch up.

Oh, and yes, there are tea breaks :-)


Are there any rules?

Well, there are guiding principles, or safety nets. These are designed to ensure that the learning space is safe for everyone. As such they could be considered ground rules. If you've been on courses of other kinds  then you may be familiar with these eg confidentiality, turning your mobile off beforehand etc. 

Something that's a little different about mindfulness courses is that when we are enquiring into our practice experiences together, this tends to happen just between you and the facilitator/teacher and without anyone commenting on your experience. This is part of ensuring that the space is safe for everyone. There are plenty of other opportunities to chat more openly if you wish, such as when we are discussing various other elements of the course either as a group or perhaps in pairs, though this is always optional.